About the Programmes

Lots of people experience feelings of unease and tension with problems such as sleeplessness, worrying, anxiety and phobias. In a lot of cases it is normal to have some of these feelings because they can be part of life like moving house or applying for a job.

In some cases though, these symptoms can interfere with your life at home, at college or at work. Many people with these symptoms do not even mention them to their doctor. The reasons people do not seek help is because they don't want to admit they have a problem, are frightened of being labelled, and sometimes because they don't realise that help is available and symptoms can be relieved.

These programmes have been developed by our partner Ultrasis to provide you with multimedia self help resources that will help you to identify and cope with your own particular symptoms. These programmes contain methods developed by experts to educate and to encourage you to learn new coping strategies and to help improve your overall sense of well-being.

Clinical Research

These Programmes are based on clinical Research & Development and were designed in collaboration with leading experts from world-renowned therapeutic centres.

Interactive Assessments

You can access Assessments that have been designed to guide you through a personal assessment process. You will be asked to input data about your personal signs and symptoms. The Assessment then translates this data and measures the level of your individual symptoms. The Assessment serves as a record in which you can set targets and track your personal progress.

Fact Sheets and Helpful Hints

You will be able to access information on the specific area you select and you will view ways in which you can deal with your specific condition on a daily basis.

Self Help Personal Programmes

In accessing the multimedia Self-Help Personal Programmes you will learn to understand why you feel as you do, explore the potential causes and learn a variety of techniques to help you over come your particular symptoms. The programmes will help you change the way you feel by changing the way you think.

Principal Benefits

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